The Devalle company was founded in 1949 when Ottavio Devalle, armed with just a few tools and his creativity began carving a variety of objects for both individuals and businesses.

The business began to grow and later, having completed his studies at the then "Scuola di Avviamento",  - - Ottavio's son - Giustino joined the company. Gradually new ideas were implemented until, in partnership with his brother Flavio, Giustino set up Devalle Figli Snc, based in Corso Regina Margherita in Turin.

This new company combined production of incision moulds for plastic materials with engraving and the Brothers Devalle began honing their craft and building their portfolio of experience. It wasn't long before they needed more space, which led to the construction of a brand new headquarters in Venaria Reale.

On the retirement of Giustino, his son Claudio took over, and, driven by a great passion for his family trade, invested in new technology to significantly enhance the company's productivity.

Claudio's premature death left his sister Tiziana facing immense challenges both personally and professionally as she grieved, supported by staff - many of whom are also family- who were on hand to keep the company running smoothly.

With the initiation of Tiziana's son - Morgan - Devalle SAS has now reached the fourth generation.

The technical knowledge acquired during the course of time, combined with our commitment to continuous technical training, allows our company not only to produce quality, reliable products, but also to provide technical and professional advice.


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