Machining with a central CNC


Milling is a process for removing materials, which allows you to obtain a wide range of surfaces (planes, grooves, inclines, etc.) using the action of a tool to carve a defined geometry. Our milling machines use the latest generation technology.


We have the capability to perform operations using four axes. Our milling machines are fitted with a tool holder which has the capacity to hold up to twenty-four slots, onto which it is possible to mount drills, taps, reamers and drill bits.


Ideal for mechanical constructions, stamps, plaques, electrodes, dowels, moulds, details for mouldings and precision machining in general.

What makes Devalle SAS so distinctive is our commitment to work with with the customer, to discover specific solutions for every single detail or problem that may arise, armed with over 60 years of engineering industry experience.

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